Doing what we can to Save the planet one Shoe at a time!
We are making a more conscious emotional product than brands driven by data and basic designs.
We are working with new technologies and innovation with our suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint.
We use vegetable tanned or chromium-free leather. Up to 90% of the worlds leather goes thru a process called chrome tanning which is hazardous waste.
Sustainability per Pair
1.0lbs of carbon dioxide savings
1.0 Gal of water savings 
1.2 lbs pounds of waste savings
Repurposed Leathers
We work with our suppliers to use skins of excess materials that work seasonally into our limited edition product offering. We only use leather that is animal by product this means its left from skins that are food sources not only to make product.
All our new boxes are made from recycled unbleached paper and we ship in recycled bags not additional boxes which also equals savings on weight and helps reduce our carbon footprint.
We cut small pairs to secure the best fit and quality we do not cut bulk hundreds of pairs of products that we then have to mark down or resell.